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Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Airplane and Helicopter Testing Services

As an aircraft owner, you understand the importance of regular inspections and maintenance. However, not all areas of your aircraft can be accessed during routine inspections and not all damages can be detected by visual means.

With Non Destructive Testing (NDT), we inspect the areas of your plane that would be otherwise uninspectable without disassembling the structure in order to gain access to the internal areas. It is the most economical way of performing inspections and can detect cracks or other irregularities in the airframe structure and engine components which are not visible to the naked eye.

When your aircraft requires specific Non Destructive Testing, you need an authorized provider who can also return the aircraft to service. ATC is an AMO, Transport Canada Approved Service Center for Non Destructive Testing including Magnetic Particle (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant (LPI) Inspections. We have the most up to date technology and training to complete NDT inspections and can complete the necessary repairs to get your aircraft back in commission.