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Engine overhaul

Aircraft Engine Overhaul Services

We specialize in the custom overhaul and repair of your aircraft engine.

Engines are diagnostically tested on a computerized dynamometer which will precision load your engine and monitor over 30 parameters every 500ms in real time as the engine is running. In addition to a detailed visual and dimensional inspection, all rotating and reciprocating parts are subjected to both longitudinal and circular fluorescent magnetic particle testing. This ensures detection of surface discontinuities in all axes of inspection. Aluminum parts are also subjected to a fluorescent penetrant inspection.

All parts are cleaned using technically advanced and approved methods. They are environmentally friendly and use no chlorinated solvents.  All certified engine overhauls are built to the manufactures reman or new limits for fits and clearances and also reference their service bulletin for 100% parts replacement for normal wear items at overhaul. We also offer options such as cylinder types, accessories, STC’s and special in house services, so you can make an informed decision to suit your operational and financial needs.

Our state of the art technology throughout the overhaul process coupled with painstaking scrutiny and personal attention to detail at assembly ensures you quality and reliability. You will be confident knowing that your engine performs as good as or better than it did when it left the factory.

Whether you are a commercial operator, private pilot or homebuilt enthusiast, we have the expertise of technicians with over 90 years of combined experience and the integrity and attention to detail that has positioned ATC as a leading independent aircraft engine overhaul and repair facility.